Where great innovation happens using Telecoms
We open up the power of networks to create agile ecosystem of suppliers and users surrounding connectivity.

A unified platform to monetize
telecoms networks
The supply
We help companies manage their networks, securely integrate with other networks and enable as a service access to infrastructure.
The demand
We combine communications infrastructure into a shared asset pool, enabling its use in an open market by anyone.
Cell-Stack powered by
a blockchain-based solution to telecoms challenges
Trusted by leading players in the industry, government and academia
Supply Infrastructure.
Provide Connectivity.
Use Networks.
Integrated management platform
One piece of software to manage any type of telco-related assets: metal or cloud-based networks, IoT networks, street furniture (lampposts, bus sheters, traffic lights).
Monetize Telecoms with a new business model
Connect different use cases over one network using Network as a Service. We use Blockchain Technology for easier and more transparent access to network.
Secure and Flexible
Secure by design using Zero Trust, delivering inter-connectivity based on Monitoring, Identity, Network health and Authorization.
Own Telecoms infrastructure and want to
leverage the power of software?
As featured in
More efficient use of infrastructure
through digitization of telecoms assets
Diversify the Telecoms Supply Chain
With more owners of telecoms infrastructure that can:
Offer infrastructure as a service
Connect multiple users
Offer real-time management of assets
Reduce path to revenues
Monetize existing Telecoms Infrastructure
Provide services over shared infrastructure:
Discover telecoms infrastructure in specific areas
Speed up network deployments by leveraging existing infrastructure
Reduce barriers to access existing infrastructure and integrate networks
Create innovation using Networks
Open up an ecosystem of users leveraging the power of networks:
Create applications that connect natively to the network through APIs
Users can choose the specific network services they need: 5G, SD-WAN, IoT, Satellite..
Want to see all the benefits of Cell-Stack?
What is Cell-Stack used for?
Neutral Host on Demand
Cell-Stack is used to facilitate easy access to Neutral Host infrastructure by large service providers, helping cities to cope with capacity demands, cover rural areas or inside buildings.
Private Networks for Manufacturing, Transport, Retail, Health
Cell-Stack helps industries in need of connectivity to adopt innovation. We're helping the transport and logistics sector with an easy to use software based solution to power innovation.
Private Networks for Public Sector
Cell-Stack helps the public sector to invest in telecoms infrastructure and modernize services delivered to player like education, transport and emergency response. Helping to cut costs and reduce the digital divide.
Success Stories
Smart Cities, Infrastructure sharing and AI
We work with suppliers and users of connectivity in Smart City applications, Private Networks and Neutral hosting:
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Government funding to advance research
We work with the telecoms ecosystem and government to advance telecoms innovation. We are part of all major government programs that lead strategic development in the industry.
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Trials with partners
Our tech is in the hands of a large network of partners delivering solutions as part of large scale innovation trials.
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Strong Technology Foundation
The Team
Meet the Team
Previously leading Growth and Operations at 5G Tactile Internet Lab at King’s College London. Grew team from 2 to 20 people. PhD in Telecoms.
Meet the Team
Previously Leading Orchestration and Software team at 5G Tactile Internet Lab at King’s College London. Maths and Cybersecurity. Blockchain.
Meet the Team
Previously leading blockchain and AI applications at 5G Tactile Internet Lab @ King’s College London. Computer Engineering & Informatics.
Meet the rest of the
Team here
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